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These are some of the wild flowers and plants that I have  photographed over the years on my farm.  The images have been compressed a lot for viewing on the web.   As time permits I will give them their proper names (hopefully).  If you would like to help me out by supplying a common and/or scientific name, send it to me at William LaMartin.

Check back, since I will be adding new items as I have time to scan in the photos and post them to this site.

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Wild Flower 19
Dog Fennell
Eupatorium capillifolium
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Wild Flower 20
Saw Palmetto
Serenoa repens
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Wild Flower 22
Swamp Fern
Blechnum serrulatum
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Wild Flower 23
Typha latifolia
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Wild Flower 25
Canna flaccida
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Wild Flower 27
Caesar Weed
Urena labata
wf_29.jpg (13104 bytes)
Wild Flower 29
Lythrum alatum
wf_30.jpg (14590 bytes)
Wild Flower 30
Florida Elder
Sambucus simpsonii
wf_36.jpg (13970 bytes)
Wild Flower 36
Oxalis dillenii Jacquin
wf_37.jpg (11153 bytes)
Wild Flower 37
Sweet Orange
Citrus sinensis
wf_38.jpg (17245 bytes)
Wild Flower 38
Lantana camara Linnaeus
wf_40.jpg (12505 bytes)
Wild Flower 40
Duck Potato
Sagittaria falcata
wf_34.jpg (11536 bytes)
Wild Flower 34
Spanish Needles
Bidens pilosa
wf_35.jpg (12970 bytes)
Wild Flower 35
Lantana camara
wf_39.jpg (12213 bytes)
Wild Flower 39
Daisy Fleabane
Erigeron strigosus
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Wild Flower 43
Swamp RoseMallow
Hibiscus grandiflorus


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