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  Starting in 1998, this site has developed over many years as a repository of some of the things in which I have been involved: photography, computer programming and genealogy. After nine years of accumulated clutter, in 2007 I decided to give it a more modern and clean appearance while preserving all of the information that had also been accumulating.  In doing this I also need to retain the old structure underneath the new appearance so that all of those links to the site now residing in search engines were not lost. The structure has remained essentially the same since then with the only changes being new material added.

The old photos here obviously were not taken by me but were from my family collection or collected from people willing to share their old photos.  Some are of the early days of my hometown of Okeechobee, Florida, and others are of people in the genealogical material pre 1930. A few of the old photos are from government archives.  The photos taken by me range from the 1960's to the present and are a tiny selection that I think might be of interest to others of the many thousands I have taken.  Many are of New Orleans when I lived there in the late 1960's and early 1970's and on subsequent visits back. Others are of the 2004 and 2005 hurricane damage in Florida, New Orleans and Mississippi.

Most of the material in the genealogy section has been contributed by others and credit is given to them in that section.  In addition to the textual material, there are also some pre 1930 photographs there.

Similarly the history material is the contribution of others.  It deals mainly with early Florida and west central Florida in particular.

My interest in computer programming is manifested in the Useful Things section, which is a bit dated now.  To view my recent work, tap on the Windows 8 Apps button.

A combination of my interest in photography, history and computer programming resulted in the Searchable Index to the Burgert Brothers Online Photography Collection of Tampa Photos that is in the Photo Section.

William LaMartin

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