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Colloquium Posters by Karl H Hofmann

presented as videos

The videos here are composed from individual images located at Professor Karl H Hofmann, beginning in 1983, created a poster for each colloquium presented in the mathematics department of the Darmstadt Technical University. At the link above, you may view each poster individually. The purpose of this page is to present the images as a video so that they may be more conveniently viewed. There are two videos, each with an HD version and a 4K version. The 4k version is obviously a large file; however, it produces excellent results on a large screen TV. You may pause the video if more time is needed to study an image and its associated text. There are approximately 530 images in the two collections spanning the years 2000 - 2018. The posters prior to 2000 are not included here.

My interest in the posters originated because Karl Hofmann was the faculty advisor for my PhD in mathematics at Tulane University many years ago. Professor Hofmann and I stayed in touch over the years, and I became aware of the posters that he was creating after his return to Germany. In 1998, Darmstadt Technical University published a book (ISBN 3-88607-119-7) of the posters created prior to that time. I saw the book and decided I would like to do something with the more recent (and more colorful and elaborate) posters since I found them to have artistic merit and enjoyed viewing them--even though my knowledge of both German and mathematics has greatly diminished over the years.

If the video viewed via the main link does not perform well, try it via the Alternate Link. If you use the alternate link, your borwser may suggest that you sign on to OnDrive with a Microsoft account.  Just ignore this and close out the window by clicking on the x in the upper right corner.

So, here they are, presented with the permission of Professor Hofmann. The 4K version, hosted at Vimeo, is obviously of higher quality.

2000 - 2010

The Posters as a 4K video (2.87 GB) -- Alternate Link
The Posters as an HD Video (1.01 GB) -- Alternate Link

2010 - 2018

The Posters as a 4K video (1.90 GB) -- Alternate Link
The Posters as an HD Video (696 MB) -- Alternate Link

Some notes of the posters
Some notes on the posters in German